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Christopher Gumpper Design


Theatrical Lighting and Sound Designer

Empathy can be described as the exchange of energy between actors and audience, as well as the audience and itself.  As theatrical designers our job is to help this energy flow unimpeded through the space.

The Livestream will be three seperate events. Each one will have a countdown to the event. Once the Livestream is up you will be able to view the livestream by clicking on the "View Livestream" button.


Events today include:

10:45 AM - A short tour* of the Funeral Parlor where Bryant's Viewing is being held. Pictures and Flowers will be viewable,

11:00ish AM - Wendover Ambulance Last Call and Transport to Bryant's Final Resting Place

11:30 AM - Burial Services* at Mt. Olivet Cemetary

*Please note that people not directly involved in the service will have their faces obscured as often as possible to protect their privacy.